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GIF Booth South Wales featured in Your South Wales Wedding Magazine

Our founder Emma wrote a 'Hot Topic' article on why a GIF booth is a great way to entertain guests at your wedding, for Your South Wales Magazine January / February issue. Read on for hints and tips on how to choose the right booth and make your wedding a huge success!

"Wedding entertainment used to be limited to just a DJ and dancefloor, but as weddings have adapted, so has the way we entertain our guests. If you want to make an impression, I suggest you look for something quirky and unusual for your reception, such as a GIF photo booth. 

A GIF booth takes a series of images and compresses them into an animated image that guests can share on social media instantly. A GIF booth not only captures the energy of your wedding, but is hugely entertaining for guests - plus you get some very amusing snapshots of the evening to look back on afterwards!

Hire a booth that complements your theme or colour scheme. Opt for a stylish and classy look that's sure to wow your friends and family.

If your venue is tight on space, inform your supplier, and they'll help you make room. "Most businesses will provide fun props to tie in with your theme.

Choose a company that can instantly print the images for you. It makes a wonderful addition to your guest book or as a gift for your loved ones to take home.

Customise the photo booth frame with your initials, wedding date or personalised hashtag."

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