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How a GIF Booth can Boost Social Media Engagement at your Company Christmas Party

Did you know that there’s a way you can utilise your staff at your annual Christmas party without asking them to ‘work’? It’s simple - hire a GIF booth for the event.

A GIF booth acts as both an incredible entertainment option for staff (all-important at a Christmas party) and a way of creating online buzz for your company. How? Your staff use the booth to create a moving GIF, perfectly capturing the fun of your event. They do this in front of a bespoke background created by us and tailored to your business.

The GIFs are branded with your branding, with an overlayed frame containing your logo. What is produced is a beautiful, fun piece of social media gold which perfectly captures the vibe and messaging of your business.

But there’s more… your staff can then share their GIF creations through their social media channels right there and then, at the touch of a button. And voila! You’ve turned your staff into advocates for your brand, utilising their social media channels and followers

to create a buzz around your company and party, just like that!


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